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Easy Tours is the highest rated Agency for luxury travel & tours

No agency facilitates Luxury Travel to Southeast Asia for more North Americans.

We have operations offices and staff all over Asia - most agencies pass you on to small local agents.

How do we delight over 99% of our clients? We start with the premise that your time and your money are both very precious & neither should be wasted. Our Asia & North America offices work together to give you amazing service from the day you contact us for information, all the way until the day you return home from your tour of Thailand.

We then add World Class Service. From the moment you are greeted by an Easy Tours Visit Facilitator, you enter a world of impeccable service and hospitality. While you tour Thailand with us, your biggest decisions are what cuisine you will want to try that evening, and what sights or events you'd like to spend your time exploring.


Unique and imaginative itineraries.

Luxury tours of Thailand cost less, and you get more for your money. All of our Thailand tours are excellent values. Opulent Level tours of Thailand exceed the best our competition has to offer. They are exquisitely planned and offer the ultimate in service, lodging and dining. As always, your payments and deposits are protected with Easy Tours, and are refundable as per the agreed upon purchase terms of your custom Thailand tour.

We will never rush you. The discriminating traveler has a vast array of choices and might not want to dash from one tourist attraction to another.

You determine the priorities. You are the boss! It's your vacation - you decide what to do. We use the word 'Tour' for want of a better term - we let you determine the level of service and attention you want during your tour of Thailand.

Stay in exquisite resorts & unique luxury hotels. We invite comparison on any grounds, and the hotels we use are an example of that. You'll stay at the best luxury hotels in the world with Easy Tours of Thailand, and we invite you to compare them to what our competition has to offer. Our guides and other staff are the best that we could find, and they are trained to satisfy even the most demanding guests. When it comes to luxury tours of Thailand, no other agency has the talent that our staff has.

We are local specialists, not wholesalers - We only offer the very best of Thailand. Let us know the level of attention that you require, then sit back and experience a tour of Thailand that includes services and facilities fit for royalty. We let you enjoy and experience your Thailand tour while being pampered with comforts that you'd expect at the worlds best resorts.

We are at your service around the clock. At Easy Tours of Thailand, we are committed to your complete satisfaction. If anything dissatisfies you, we will remedy it immediately. You will have access to our management throughout your Thailand Tour; E-mails get to Thailand in less than 5 minutes, and our staff is available by phone as needed. If you have an emergency, will you risk counting on the agency that takes two or three days to get back to you, or will you choose to enjoy your Thailand tour with peace of mind, knowing that all of your requests and concerns will be addressed ASAP?

We respond faster than anyone else! When you send us an inquiry, when you have questions or concerns, when you have special needs arise while you are on a tour of Thailand, or if you send in a follow up question, we are on-call to make sure your Thailand tour is superior to any other.

Easy Tours of Thailand is a socially active enterprise. We support a few carefully chosen (local and international) charitable organizations in addition to our vast environmental projects. We are conscious of the fragility of our environment, and aggressively pursue policies of conservation and preservation throughout our operations.

Easy Tours of Thailand offers unique tours, information, and resources for anyone planning to visit Thailand. The word 'Tours' is employed for want of a better term; we don't use inflexible schedules and rush guests from one destination to another.

Explore Thailand on your own terms, and at your own pace. Your comfort is of utmost importance to us, and we treat you like royalty. We make your visit to Thailand easy by giving you the most value for your money, and by anticipating what you want.

We make travel in Thailand easy - We know the problems and discomforts tourists can experience in Thailand, and we either circumvent them, or eliminate them. We make your travels in Thailand easy by not wasting your time, and by making sure all your needs are taken care off.

With Easy Tours of Thailand, you select which historical treasures and natural wonders you explore. While you're with us, you'll have the best opportunities to experience Thailand's amazing people, architecture, geography, and cultural heritage.

Nature is at its best in Thailand. Explore all kinds of landscapes, from soaring green mountains, to jungles, to the other-worldly scenery of Thailand’s beaches.

Discover Thailand and its ancient culture. Explore Buddhist monasteries that have changed very little over the past few centuries.

Thailand is home to thousands of animal, bird, and insect species. They all play an integral part in Thai society, history, and day to day existence. Visit Thailand and you can experience Wildlife Parks & Sanctuaries that are home to many of these species.

We make Travel in Thailand easy by combining a knowledge of the needs of western visitors with the realities of touring in Thailand. We make travel in Thailand easy as we have the ability to arrange all aspects of your visit to Thailand, starting from the United States, and going as far as giving you the option of combining other pursuits such as explorations of India, Bhutan, Tibet, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos.

We use the term “tours” for want of a better word. We provide unique luxury experiences tailored around our guests’ preferences. Easy Tours of Thailand offers a very large selection of luxury Thailand tours. Our guests have the option of selecting from three levels of luxury, ranging from moderately luxurious to almost decadent.

Some of the itineraries we use for our Thailand tours allow you to concentrate on one or more areas of the country. We also feature theme based Thailand tour packages focusing on attractions such as wildlife, festivals, yoga and cuisine.

Independent Thailand tours are facilitated for just your group, and group size is limited only by your preference. We can facilitate independent travel for one guest or one thousand.

Ultimately, nearly everything in our Thailand tour packages can be adjusted to meet your needs and specifications, but if our itineraries do not meet your desires we also offer luxury vacations in Thailand.

The difference between an Easy Tours of Thailand vacation and our Thailand tours is the sightseeing is not standard. We include the hotel stays and all travel between your destinations. An a la carte menu of guided sightseeing and other services is available for further customization.

All of our Thailand tours and vacations include world class service. From the moment you are greeted by your visit facilitator, you enter a world of impeccable service. Your biggest decisions are what sights or events you would like to explore and what cuisine you will want to try that evening.

Thailand Tours pages on this site contain: Detailed itinerary and destination descriptions

An interactive calendar with each day’s activities clearly described

An interactive map with your destinations highlighted

An Inquiry Form or a Reservation Form

Hotel and inclusion listing

Easy Tours of Thailand respects the value of your time as much as you do. Every aspect of our Thailand tour packages are designed to maximize your time. With Easy Tours, while touring Thailand, you fly whenever a road journey is tedious. Other tour operators forget to mention the time wasted enduring journeys on the roads of Thailand.

We include some road travel where this mode of travel is the very best option for a Thailand tour. We will also encourage these journeys when optimum travel duration combines with unique sightseeing and cultural experiences.

Much of the road travel other Thailand tour operators include has uninspiring scenery and really does not provide any insight into Thai culture. As with all our Thailand tours, you can decide what transportation you would like. Talk to your Thailand Specialist for road travel suggestions for your tour of Thailand.

Set your own pace on our independent Thailand tours. Unlike other tour companies that lump large groups together using existing tour agencies in Thailand, Easy Tours facilitates Thailand tour packages independently for our guests, giving them a lot of flexibility during their travel.

Highly trained personnel are always readily available during our tours of Thailand to accommodate your needs and resolve any issues.

Talk to a Thailand specialist and plan your Thailand tour package with their expert help. You get a reasonable amount of time at all of our destinations with our standard itineraries, along with choices of when and how you'd like to explore different sights, cities and festivals.

We save you money. True luxury Thailand tours cost less with us. Compare us to the other reputable companies that offer luxury travel in Thailand. No one offers the value we provide on our Thailand tours and vacation packages. If you find less expensive Thailand tour packages, there will be many good reasons why.

Quoted tour costs are almost all inclusive as described in our Terms and Conditions. Most Thailand tour packages do not include travel to and from Thailand. We have consolidator fares on the best airlines that service Thailand and will be happy to assist you with international air reservations as part of your tour.

It is highly recommended that you have time available, at your cities of origin and departure, before and after your Thailand tour. This enables you to rest after your long international flight, and gives you a safety cushion in case your flights or other travel are delayed, as can happen occasionally during all Thailand tours.




Build Your Tour

Bruce Goldman -  November 2013

Having a kind aversion toward travel companies, because of my own ability to develop an original itinerary, I was pleasantly surprised at the level of ease and convenience this company provided.

My wife and I decided on a whim to get married and honeymoon in Thailand (since that was her number one destination spot). Not being familiar with that part of the world, and having already run the gamut of a 200 person wedding party, it was in our best interest to hire an experienced company to make our lives just a little bit easier for the honeymoon. Best decision ever.

We reworked the itinerary with the specialist two or three times and probably drove her nuts. Still, they were extremely patient and found us the best deal to suit our needs.

Daily activities planned for us included excursions to important sites such as the Tiger Temple, river boat tours through the canals and authentic spicy thai indulgences (J woop, my favorite!).

So, if you're looking for extra value added to a travelling experience, I would definitely recommend hiring Easy Yours. They know what they're doing.'

Candace Washington - October 2013

If you want to get the most out of your trip to Thailand and have a personalized experience that you will enjoy the entire way, book with Easy Tours of Thailand. We had a fantastic time.

The Thai food was amazing and our guide knew the best local and authentic places to dine. The amount of knowledge and insight our guide had about each site, and Thai culture overall, was so helpful. We could have visited these sites on our own, but having our guide along the way really gave us an entirely different perspective and made our experiences seem "full."

Our guides made sure we arrived to popular sites ahead of big tour groups so that we could get the best photo ops (they acted as great amateur photographers too!), and also guided us to amazing 'off the beaten track' areas that I am so glad we didn't miss. We saw everything we wanted to see and more. From the moment we were picked up from our hotel in the morning everything was expertly taken care of the whole way.

We were also provided a private driver and vehicle that was air conditioned (very important!) and safely driven. All things considered, the price of the tour is very reasonable and well worth the money.

I would highly recommend Easy Tours of Thailand to anyone thinking about doing a similar tour.

Jason & Cindy Burgess - October 2013

My family and I took a two week long tour of Thailand with Easy Tours of Thailand and the trip truly could not have been any better.

Our guide was very personable, knowledgeable, and her English was excellent. In addition to offering a unique and local perspective throughout the tour, we were completely at ease with her and felt that she truly wanted to make our experience the best it could possibly be.

The private driver and vehicle that was set up for us was also excellent. I knew prior to our trip that it would probably be best to reserve this type of service during our travels, but I had no idea how invaluable this ended up being for us. He maneuvered through crowded streets and unexpected roadblocks with ease, and knew which areas to avoid driving through and efficient alternative routes. To top it off, the vehicle was always very clean, air conditioned, and there were cold drinks waiting for us after visiting a site.

The tour itself was completely tailored to what we wanted to see and what our interests are with assistance from their U.S Sales Office prior to arriving in Bangkok. They provided a day by day itinerary for us which was great, but the best part was having the freedom to change things as needed, or make unexpected stops to explore, as the tour unfolded.

I would definitely use this company again if we go back to Thailand.


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